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ROSE Way consultants can support your service in the Kindy Uplift program.  Please see below support programs and costings.

The Kindy Uplift decision making guidelines outlines:  Teaching and Learning consultancies within the funding scope.  Consultants operating with a focus on education, educator professional development and/or quality improvement practices.

The work undertaken by consultants must relate to the service’s identified Kindy uplift priorities and target enhancement of educator skills, knowledge and confidence to recognise, understand and proactively respond to children’s needs within the operations of the kindergarten program.

Consultancies should include scope for coaching or mentoring and/or follow up with educators.

ROSE Way consultants have 3 specific areas of support include:

  1. Upskilling educators in designing environments to support the needs of children within the program.  Both face to face and/or online delivery.  Training would be designed to the context of the kindergarten program and level of experience of educators.

  2. Coaching and mentoring of teachers to further develop intentional teaching techniques and concepts within all the developmental areas

  3. Building educator capability through sharing of practical examples to demonstrate varied ways to support of children’s needs through curriculum development and documentation.  3 part series to engage teachers in critical thought and improved curriculum development.

Areas of Available support:

Metropolitan and regional areas

The training can be delivered in both metropolitan and regional areas through both face to face and/or online training/coaching.

Rural and remote areas:

  • Online training access available for all sessions.
  • Face to face can be supported where flights can be accessed into the area where limited driving is required.

What’s next?

If you would like to include any of these programs in your Kindy Uplift annual program please do

not hesitate to contact me for an individual quote for services.

All quotes are valid for 30 days and once accepted are required to be paid 14 days prior to training date.

Cancellations required a 10% payment of total cost.  Rescheduling of dates incurs no additional costs.

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P:  0410671971