The ROSE Way
A consultant at the heart of practice


As a consultant Carrie Rose holds over 30 years of experience and a plethora of skills to support Approved Providers, educators and whole centres.

Why choose The ROSE Way consultants?

Why choose The ROSE Way consultants?

One of the MAJOR differences to the ROSE Way training and support is that it is driven from both current early childhood research AND the ability to demonstrate the highest quality practices in her service. As the Approved Provider of Rosie's Early Learning, QLD Australia, also the home of The ROSE Way planning framework, Carrie's expertise, knowledge and leadership lead the centre to being awarded 'Excellent' rating from ACECQA in 2016 and again in 2019.

In the Excellent report from ACECQA 'practice and environments' was identified as ONE of the many areas of EXCELLENCE. Specifically the report outlined:

Under the theme practice and environments that enhance children’s learning and growth, the service references some outstanding practices and environment examples. For example the educational activities and environments such as 'Research Focus' and the mid and end of term critical reflections are examples of how this service maximises children’s development and extends on opportunities for learning. Importantly, by designing and implementing the educational program in partnership with children and families, Rosie's is ensuring its practice and environments are responsive to the interests, circumstances, needs and strengths of children and families. This has enabled the service to improve outcomes for the children and families to the highest level.

The evidence of critical reflection informed practice and improved outcomes for children and families as a result of collaborative partnerships. For example, the 'Emerging Learning Possibilities' document showed how the service reflected upon the children’s learning each week and shared these reflections with children and families.