CATEGORY: ROSE Way Planning Framework

ROSE Way Planning Individual Teachers

Course Access: 300 days access
Course Overview

What is the ROSE Way planning for individual teachers?  

This subscription enables you to join the ROSE Way planning as an individual teachers.  it will suit teachers who work in centres who currently do not use the framework.  The planning journal can only be purchased and used by individual teachers and can not be replicated for other rooms to use.   It is the responsibility of the purchasing teacher to ensure that copyright laws are not broken. 

The subscription for 2023 is valid  from April – December and you receive in the subscription:

  • ROSE Way individual teacher planning journal for Term 2, Term 3 and Term 4 for group planning.  
  • Access to podcast and articles to support your professional learning within the course log in. 
  • Video:  Evolving the planning through inquiry (1 hour)
  • 1 Research focus for you to reflect and develop your practices
  • Opportunity to interact with other individuals using the ROSE Way planning journal
  • How to implement Video access

How to use the framework

This framework has been developed for individual teachers looking for a framework to embed inquiry based intentional teaching into the curriculum.   It moves beyond the surface play of the children interests and digs deep into how the groups trends of play and interactions provide many clues about children’s curiosities.

What is the planning construct?

This planning is group planning, looking at the class as a community of learners and will require the teacher to take a balcony view of the children, analyzing:

Where are children gravitating to?

Where is the groups social competencies?

How are relationships building or not within the groups of children?

What are the consistencies/trends that are identified?  

Is it individual children planning?

It is not individual planning, reflection or evaluation and the teacher will need to consider how they will record this separately. However how each individual child engages will provide insights in their dispositions, play cycles, behaviours and capabilities to use for more intentional individual thinking and planning.  

How does it develop?

This planning is evolved over a term, week by week, building on the children’s engagement and teacher reflections of the work.  It is not designed for the planning to end each week and start something new. 

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