The ROSE Way planning framework package PLUS an Educator journals


The ROSE Way uses a strengths based approach to education leveraging from learning environments that inspire young children to explore and learn through their play. It is underpinned by the belief that children are competent, skilled young citizens,
thus it will provide a child-centred approach to learning that values, appreciates and celebrates each child’s uniqueness.  As the children engage in stimulating environments they are encouraged to investigate and explore, to seek and solve, to wonder, and be challenged, all of which are essential components in building a strong identity. Wellbeing and the building of children’s strong identities underpin children’s learning. Wellbeing is built through secure, meaningful relationships and effective support for children’s interactions.
The ROSE Way believes that when children are treated with respect and given opportunities to be involved in decision making about their daily experiences and learning activities, they are then confident in demonstrating their true competencies.